Here’s the transcript from the IRC channel during the Enough Dumb Agents Get Smart presentation at Future Salon:

[7:15pm] JeffClavier: is the URL for San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, ACM

[7:21pm] NiallKennedy joined the chat room.

[7:22pm] miker: Hey Niall

[7:22pm] NiallKennedy: hi Mike

[7:23pm] miker: Are you watching the video?

[7:23pm] NiallKennedy: yes. are you remote or local?

[7:23pm] miker: local

[7:23pm] miker: how is the video/audio?

[7:24pm] NiallKennedy: video is pretty good, audio is good considering it’s of the audience right now

[7:24pm] NiallKennedy: am I being projected?

[7:25pm] miker: Yup, video screens up with IRC on it, right behind Rafer actually

[7:25pm] miker: hi nialllll!

[7:25pm] miker: that was Elle stealing my keyboard

[7:25pm] JeffClavier: Yo Niall

[7:25pm] NiallKennedy: hi Jeff

[7:25pm] miker: steacl

[7:27pm] NiallKennedy: Cheesecake Factory

[7:28pm] NiallKennedy: and I was sitting next to Scott, across from Mark :)

[7:29pm] miker: del.

[7:29pm] miker:

[7:29pm] miker: oops

[7:29pm] miker:

[7:30pm] JeffClavier:

[7:31pm] markfinnern joined the chat room.

[7:31pm] waynesville joined the chat room.

[7:32pm] markfinnern: HI Wayne how is the sound and the video?

[7:32pm] waynesville: It’s good

[7:33pm] waynesville: I missed the beginning. (Dinner)

[7:38pm] NiallKennedy:

[7:39pm] markfinnern:

[7:39pm] JeffClavier: is my moblog

[7:41pm] waynesville: - has just 2 piccies

[7:42pm] NiallKennedy:

[7:42pm] NiallKennedy: one entry

[7:43pm] johnca joined the chat room.

[7:45pm] NiallKennedy:

[7:46pm] waynesville: what did he say they’ll do on 911?

[7:47pm] NiallKennedy: E911. geolocation built-in to mobile phones

[7:48pm] NiallKennedy left the chat room.

[7:48pm] NiallKennedy joined the chat room.

[7:49pm] waynesville: I’m “waynerad” on skype

[7:49pm] johnca: hi wayne!

[7:50pm] markfinnern:

[7:50pm] waynesville: whois johnca

[7:50pm] waynesville: boh

[7:50pm] johnca: John Abbe

[7:50pm] waynesville: hmm. i forgot irc commands

[7:50pm] waynesville: oh! hi john!

[7:51pm] waynesville: this is pretty cool we can talk without interupting scott

[7:52pm] johnca: yeah, but everyone in the room can follow the conversation (it’s on screens here)

[7:52pm] miker: we’ll have to setup a hecklebot for next time

[7:53pm] waynesville: yeah but they’re not looking at the screen. They’re looking at Scott

[7:53pm] NiallKennedy: drinking game with each mention of tags or long tail

[7:54pm] waynesville: heehee

[7:55pm] waynesville: hey niall. tag my long tail

[7:56pm] waynesville: now we just need a firefox extension for automatic tagging while u browse

[7:56pm] miker: I’m thinking greasemonkey to add the form to anything would be a good idea

[7:56pm] NiallKennedy: already exists

[7:56pm] NiallKennedy: Yahoo! has it

[7:57pm] miker: but I just saw this for the first time today, so I haven’t tried it out at all

[7:57pm] NiallKennedy: yep

[7:57pm] NiallKennedy: goatse!

[7:58pm] waynesville: reaaaaally?

[7:58pm] waynesville: url?

[7:59pm] markfinnern: Marc Canter post:

[7:59pm] waynesville:

[7:59pm] waynesville: just kidding

[8:00pm] GabeRiv joined the chat room.

[8:01pm] NiallKennedy: Outline Processor Markup Language

[8:02pm] miker: Nonsense! :-)

[8:02pm] waynesville: hmm i can’t read that blog post and follow mr Scott

[8:02pm] waynesville: at the same time

[8:02pm] NiallKennedy:

[8:02pm] NiallKennedy: (existing tag work)

[8:03pm] JeffClavier: Loomia still stealth :-)

[8:04pm] waynesville: whoops he just un-stealthed them

[8:05pm] NiallKennedy:

[8:06pm] waynesville: It looks like the website is just some copy

[8:07pm] JeffClavier: some copy of ?

[8:07pm] waynesville: i meant text.

[8:07pm] waynesville: e.g. salescopy

[8:07pm] waynesville: sorry overloaded word definition

[8:08pm] JeffClavier: I never lie, I only exagerate :-P exagerate :-P

[8:10pm] waynesville: Quote of the day. “It’s information inefficiency that turns out to drive things” – Scott Rafer

[8:11pm] waynesville: oh god daya talks about myspace every day…

[8:12pm] waynesville: serendipity

[8:12pm] waynesville: there’s a firefox extension called serendipity

[8:13pm] waynesville: i wonder what it’ll give me if i go to feedster

[8:13pm] johnca: ObLanka: “serendipity” comes from Serendib, an old Arab name for Sri Lanka

[8:13pm] waynesville: oh, sorry, it’s called StumbleUpon, not serendipity.

[8:13pm] waynesville: realy? i did not know that

[8:13pm] NiallKennedy: Pinpoint

[8:13pm] johnca: I haven’t been on this chat from the beginning, and someone asked that this chat get captured and posted to the mailing list. Will someone do that?

[8:14pm] miker: I’ve been on since the start, I’ll grab it and post

[8:14pm] waynesville: I wasn’t here from the beginning either

[8:14pm] waynesville: cool thanks miker

[8:21pm] johnca:

[8:21pm] markfinnern:

[8:22pm] waynesville: peerflix looks like mediachest

[8:23pm] waynesville: hmm no peerflix is different

[8:23pm] johnca: howso?

[8:23pm] waynesville: with mediachest you have to return DVDs. It’s like checking DVDs out of a library.

[8:24pm] waynesville: Only the “library” is someone else on the internet

[8:24pm] waynesville: whereas peerflix just moves a pool of DVDs around to whoever wants them

[8:25pm] waynesville: he’s talking about intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation

[8:26pm] waynesville: e.g.

[8:26pm] waynesville: people who can make money from a personal passion are very lucky

[8:27pm] johnca: Punished By Rewards, Alfie Kohn (excellent book re intrinsic motivation)

[8:27pm] NiallKennedy: when is the talk going to come back to smart agents?

[8:28pm] waynesville: The Chinese WILL figure out a way to control information flow.

[8:28pm] waynesville: Just watch.

[8:29pm] johnca: And then the Chinese will figure out how to circumvent that control. Neh?

[8:29pm] johnca: (and then control will be exerted again, etc.)

[8:30pm] johnca: or more seriously, what makes you think that battle will be “won” by those who wish to control?

[8:31pm] johnca:

[8:31pm] JeffClavier_ joined the chat room.

[8:31pm] markfinnern: Science Commons:

[8:32pm] waynesville: I thought the Chinese would not be able to control information flow on the internet, but they’ve proven me wrong (so far).

[8:32pm] bobcat62 joined the chat room.

[8:32pm] waynesville: So now my expectation is they will continue to prove me wrong

[8:39pm] johnca left the chat room.

[8:40pm] johnca joined the chat room.

[8:45pm] JeffClavier_: Plug: if you are interested in the future of Vertical Search, join us for SDForum’s Vertical LEAP:
[8:48pm] waynesville: opt-in? what?

[8:49pm] miker: copyright. talking about the default state being a copyright for new works

[8:49pm] waynesville: Oh, opt-in to copyright

[8:49pm] waynesville: I get it now

[8:49pm] waynesville: I didn’t understand the question when he first asked but I get it now

[8:50pm] NiallKennedy: oooh, politics now

[8:51pm] JeffClavier left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

[8:54pm] waynesville:

[8:58pm] waynesville: I never thought I’d hear Mike Korns say “currency is not useful”

[8:58pm] waynesville: Ahhh – “IF information can provide food and shelter”. That will never happen.

[9:00pm] johnca: people lived that way for millions of years, why not?

[9:00pm] waynesville: Because information != energy. Food is energy.