Yesterday we were over at Adam and Michelle Rifkin’s place for a BBQ, and as it was about time to go back home Tantek asks “Hey, are you guys going to SuperHappyDevHouse tonight?” Oh, he’s good! We spent a bit of time debating if the car was going into the water or coming out, and promptly decided that the only sane thing to do was to head over and find out.

It was great. Geeks and hackers spread out all over the place doing geekish and hackery stuff. David Weekly got the event together, it was his house that we went to. They had a wiki available for posting project info and an IRC channel for the event. Unfortunately we didn’t hang out till dawn, we were pretty beat after the BBQ. We did swap around some mobile apps and have some great conversations, but I wish I had known the geekery of the gathering before heading out there. I would have brought my GPS unit and the charger to see who else wanted to hack mapping projects. We never did find out if the car was going into the water or coming out.