Hey all, sorry I wasn’t able to make the Mobile Monday meeting last night. I set it all up, but then I wasn’t able to make it myself. I just had way more than is reasonable or humanly actionable to do at work. Kinda makes me sad, but mostly makes me filled with murderous rage. That’s just the way it goes however. Some people say when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade. I say when life gives you lemons just jump up and scream “Hey! What’s with the lemons!?!? This isn’t what I asked for!!” and start chucking lemons at anyone that comes into view. They really hurt apparently. Always makes me feel better at least. I find it helps to have a blog to vent into also. We have a very kick ass new addition to Feedster however, so hopefully not only will my workload be getting somewhere more near normal, I might not be ignoring things in order to get it there. I would like to get things normal enough that we can have the mobile homebrew meetings again. I think that was a good idea, we just needed a little more practice with it.