Niall messaged me last night to show off the beta site they’ve been working on at Technorati. Very cool stuff!! One of the first things I noticed was the subscribe option for tags, so that you can get items associated with a tag output as RSS. I like the layout of the results page too. With the images down the side and the posts as the main body it provides a great summary page for events in particular. The “most discussed” lists and hot search terms are always interesting, although I know that I personally don’t actively use them often. I’m generally much more interested in what my friends are talking about than the sum of what everyone is talking about. The tab layout is interesting as well. I’ve seen that implemented poorly quite often, but the implementation they have is very solid and clean. When I took a look at the source and saw an AJAX Javascript library I assumed it would be for the search box, to provide a completion list of commonly used terms and sources. I didn’t see that in using the interface however. None of the mobile browsers I’ve tried out yet support the features necessary to use AJAX, so I’ve been trying to pay some attention to where it shows up. Wherever it is, it doesn’t seem to impact using the site from a Treo or when using Skweezer.

Update: Changed the link used an example for event summary. I posted this from my Treo and had grabbed the wrong saved URL. The tag page has photos down the side around the post results.