I reinstalled Linux on one of my systems at home. The fileserver is a permanent install Fedora, but not really usable as a desktop system. So I reclaimed the Windows machine that I was using for Symbian and Palm development and installed Gentoo. OS X is a great work system, I like it a lot more than I expected to. But it is the system to use when I don’t want to think about how to administer my desktop. I tried out the Ubuntu live CD but for some reason it had a bunch of issues with the hardware. So I stuck with what I knew would work (the system was Gentoo before I Windocized it). Now of course the problem is Symbian and Palm development. There’s prc-tools under Linux for Palm, but that’s really a languishing older toolset not capable of dealing easily with issues like PNO or updated features or APIs. At least it has an emulator for 68k systems. Palm claims they have working versions of the current tools on both Linux and OS X, but apparently us folks outside of Palm just ain’t cool enough to get to play with them.

Then there’s Symbian. Apparently one might be able to get a cross set of tools built and compile an existing known-to-work set of source, but that’s about it. No emulator, no “unsupported” SDK releases, no debugging. Wonder why Nokia dipped a toe into the Linux market? I don’t. Seems pretty obvious to me.