I’m starting a new job with a startup company on Thursday. I would be starting it today, but I have a bunch of errands to run, a dentists appointment, and I’m giving a presentation this evening at the ACM that I still need to do some prep for. My four days of unemployment (I do get to count weekend days, right?) yeilded a whole ton of offers. I’m just amazed at everything that’s going on in the valley right now! There are tons of fantastic ideas, lots of great teams, and everyone is full of infectious energy. I wish I could jump on more than one opportunity, but alas, MikeR 1.0 does not support fork(). I’ve logged a trouble ticket, but the issue isn’t moving along at all.

In particular there’s a lot of interesting activity in mobile. Of course, I tend to hear about that stuff because of Mobile Monday, but I’m pretty sure that this isn’t all a result of me finding new pockets of mobile workers out there already. The mix of demos from the last Mobile Monday provides a great proxy for the kind of mix I’ve seen. I’m starting to see more and more startups for whom mobile represents their major source of deployment and is their default medium. I’ll use fotochatter as the example there. Their application is primarily an event based social messaging system. And oh-by-the-way, there’s a web front end to it as well. There’s a lot of demand out there for people who are familiar with the environment, particularly engineers who can actually set the stuff up and get it going. So if you’ve been thinking about making the move to mobile, it’s looking more and more like this would be a great time. We were out at dinner the other night and Russ said what I’m sure will be one of the MoMo catchphrases when giving some advice to friends: “Don’t be dumb, go mobile”. We need to setup a CafePress site for shirts and mugs sporting that maxim.