I snagged a PSP a while ago, figuring it would be fun for games but mostly wanting to hack on it. Sony really doesn’t like people being able to do what they want with Sony devices, so the thing is rife with all sorts of crippling roadblocks to innovation (I think the technical term for this is DRM, but I just call it teh suq). Unfortunately my PSP had an updated firmware when I got it from the store, so I haven’t been able to install any software on it. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the PSP 2.0 firmware (PSP World). Why? Well, as far as I know no one has a hack for these versions. However, the 2.0 firmware does have a web browser, and browsers are normally buggy and nasty bits of code. Especially in their earlier versions. I’m really curious if there are any buffer overflows or similar defects in the browser that could be used to execute arbitrary code. Anyone else wondering the same thing? Does the PSP have a non-executable stack? I haven’t been following PSP-dev so I have no idea. Of course, even with a protected stack there’s plenty of nasty kinda stuff to be done.