This was linked off Slashdot, so I’m sure everyone and their grandmother has already seen it, but here’s a story about some folks tracking down a cell phone theif. Besides liking the final bit:

Moral of the story - even if you’re enough of a cunt to steal from a charity raffle, don’t be fucktarded enough to steal a phone from a community of phone experts.

It’s cool that they found the theif and all, got their phone back. W00t, and so on. But I don’t like the idea of people being able to track me due to my actions online. And lots of the current structure of mobile communications enforces a coupling between my identity and my activity online. Not that it has to, it’s intentially setup that way to “prevent abuse”. Which works just smashingly! I don’t know, just kinda stuck me weird. I must be spending too much time trawling hacking boards in my quest for a buffer overflow attack against the PSP browser.