I need to echo some of the stuff that Russ says about New Orleans and Jon Udell as well about the wireless infrastructure. Some stuff, not all of it. I actually don’t much care about New Orleans. I was there before it flooded and got to see it. Great place, too bad it’s underwater. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t live there, but if you live there you’re taking certain risks. And when those risks becomes reality it’s your problem. HOWEVER, I do feel that my taxes have paid for a certain degree of “disaster preparredness”. The folks on the teevee keep telling me that. Our nation is apparently prepared for anything. Which is why I’m kinda concerned that it was caught offgaurd by a storm system. They’re usually not easy to miss. They don’t even sneak really. They just kinda roll up and do their thing. So what is it exactly that we didn’t expect? And why is it that we can’t deal with it?

I’m not gonna donate, I’ve already given enough. And about this “Think about yourself being in this same situation and donate”. No way, total lunacy. People are dying in the streets, attempts to prepare and dumping in huge amounts of money did shit, current tactics being proposed are point solutions lending no real stability and probably decreasing our capability long term. And I’m supposed to donate? How about I just set the money on fire instead and hope the ashes soak up enough water to help them out? So here’s my advice: Think about yourself being in the same situation and buy a shotgun. Learn how to use it. And “be prepared” to do so.