I installed 2.6.13 on my Thinkpad today (it’s magically changed from an R51 to an X32, you’re not gonna hear me complain). I figured I would follow up on my initial WPA Linux post and mention that the Wireless Extensions version 18 are included now, and the ipw2200 driver uses the wireless extensions instead of custom ioctl()s now. Net effect: compile wpa_supplicant with CONFIG_DRIVER_WEXT=y in the .config file, and run wpa_supplicant with -D wext to use the wireless extensions when wpa_supplicant is running. If you don’t you get an errors something like “ioctl[IPW_IOCTL_WPA_SUPPLICANT]: Operation not supported” when you run wpa_supplicant. The support seems to be a little rough on this new laptop, it takes a few tries sometimes to attach to the access point, and for some reason I can’t get DHCP replies. Though if I keep trying till it connects and then setup the interface by hand it works. I’ll have to dig into it at some other point and see what’s going wrong.