Russ pasted a link t o a description of watching The Simpsons with audio descriptions on. I really really wish those videos were retrievable right now. Apparently the person who uploaded them ran out of bandwidth. If someone can get a hold of them and create some torrents that would rock. The descriptions are hysterical and I bet actually watching the videos would have me rolling around on the floor.

I began to wonder why the narrator seemed so interested in talking about the Alec Baldwin-voiced character so much; in this bit, he discusses his muscles and his Speedo bathing suit.

For some reason the fact that this stuff comes in with the broadcast, combined with not many people knowing it’s there and that the effect was combined with one of my favorite shows is just really satisfying. Like some secret little hidden nugget that someone just discovered already existing in millions of cable TVs all over the country. And then I’m left wondering what the audio commentary to something like Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Family Guy would be like.