We took the wraps off our secret project this evening. I didn’t want to post anything until we actually had information to make public for fear of attracting more negative attention. It’s been hard to keep quiet. It’s a fantastic team and we’ve all been fired up about what we’re doing. But it’s up now! I can show people and blather on about what we’ve been doing and gather feedback.

So of course the place to start is “What is it?” Take a look at Ning. Like Diego said, it’s a playground for building and using social applications on the web. There’s a bunch of info in the Ning FAQ that fills in the details. I’ve been thinking of it as “Rip, Mix, Burn” for web applications. We can’t open it up completely yet and let everyone clone the apps in the playground, but that’s where it’s headed. We’ve already seen some great interaction and growth within the group of developers we were working with during the quiet period. I can’t wait to see what ideas and suggestions come out of the next round! At the bottom of the sidebar attached to every page in Ning is a Ning Feedback link, please use it.