One of the things I hear pretty often is “sometimes you just have to go with the lesser evil”. Now, granted, I probably tend to get myself into situations that would spark that remark more often than is normal. But I’m sure most of you have heard it somewhere along the line. It’s not like that really solves anything though. Evil is supposed to be all trixie and insidious. Make you think you’re doing good when you’re really doing evil. The ol’ bait and switch. If I knew which was the lesser evil I wouldn’t be pondering in the first place. So instead of pondering I just built an app to help: Lesser Evil. So that I can find out what everyone else’s take on Lesser Evil is. Should help right around election time. And I threw Cthulhu and Evil Lincoln in there as controls, cause everyone knows nothings really more evil than Evil Lincoln except Cthulhu. So if they end getting voted the lesser evil I know all you people are lying.