I was gifted a video iPod, my first real iPod device (I have a shuffle that I used for podcasts and occasionally a mix for running). I’m a Linux only user, and I’m accustomed to paying for the convenience in most areas with some pain when trying out new devices. Much to my surprize however, this one was a cinch. I Googled for Linux support for the video iPod (search results much polluted with info about Linux FOR the iPod), and found that gtkpod claimed support for video ipods. apt-cache search gtkpod under Ubuntu. apt-get install, cable, gtkpod, clicky clicky, and there are songs on my iPod. No pain. I wonder how long I’ll keep flinching for. Great job from the Linux/Open Source community, this was really a very much painless experience! Even more pleasant than the last Windows based install of iTunes I performed.