This week (August 7th to 13th 2006) is the ZeroOne Arts Festival in San Jose. There was a great presentation at Future Salon by one of the ZeroOne staff members where he tossed out a dizzying number of art projects that blend in technology in tantalizing ways. And if the interesting art projects weren’t enough to get you down there on their own, on Friday there’s a Survival Research Labs exhibition:

…it’s monster machine, meets hovercraft, meets huge sculptural creatures, meets fire.

What better way to spend a Friday night? I have just one question.. tickets through Ticketmaster? Is that part of the tongue in cheek techno-social commentary? That despite the rapid advance of technology in general the only way to throw a huge ticketed real world event is to use Ticketmaster? We’ll have to work on a project for the next one that fixes that issue.