• Nintendo Revolution

    Engadget has a pic of the Nintendo Revolution gaming system. They say the missing corner makes it look like a secure digital/multimedia card. True. Personally I think it shouts out for the sarcastic tagline: “Nintendo Revolution: We Cut Corners!”

  • Vertical Leap Vertical Search Conference

    Dave McClure and Jeff Clavier are putting together Vertical Leap, a vertical search conference. The event is being run through SDForum. And of course I just recently let my SDForum membership lapse because I haven’t been as interested in their events as I have been in the free stuff. If getting folks like Dave and Jeff involved is a general trend and not an isolated coincidence I’ll have to renew my membership.

  • Rafer at Future Salon This Week

    Rafer is going to be the presenter at Future Salon this week:

  • Yet Another Me

    A project long in the making is starting to get underway. This is Mobility is starting to steal some of my attention. Just the time between 2 and 5am so far. I have a bunch of stuff queued already to go in there. Like more info from the Mobile Enterprise 2005 conf, more info about Mobile Monday, Nokia Sensor hackery and stats, info about the new phone models from Nokia, the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, and the always popular Rants against The Man. However, I need at least an hour of sleep before I go to attempt to spend all of tomorrow programming again. It’ll have to wait till the trainride tomorrow :-) See you at the Citizens Media party tonight. Me, and Elle, and a shitload of coffee will be there.

  • Rock On with Your Bad Self

    Niall posted a clip of the Tim Draper music video. I don’t think it’ll make the charts outside of The Valley, but next time I get tossed out of some VCs office I know I can at least fall back on the Draper video and feel pretty secure in the notion that I’m not the most ridiculous person they’ve ever spoken to. I might even print a few stills to keep in my pocket for a quick pick me up. Beats a daily affirmation by at least one air guitar and two ass slaps.

  • Making Structured Blogging More Concrete

    Elle was trying to get an events blog up and running using structured blogging. We ran into a bunch of issues. Apparently Elle ran into Bob earlier this week, and Bob posted about the evolution of structured blogging, so I want to chime in and admit my massive ignorance. I groove to the whole structured blogging concept, I like the idea of information spread about at the points of introduction but still indexed with structure. So these are questions for clarifications and not criticisms of the idea as a whole. Discussion, that’s what this is.

  • Press Release about Feedster Media Network

    A press release went out about the Feedster Media Network today. It’s really cool to see an announcement about something I worked on out on the wire. Consulting work didn’t see that really happen at all. All in all the announcement is less exciting than the system going live and seeing the ads start appearing in the Slashdot feed. And not nearly as exciting as the system proving to be up to the task of serving traffic from a publisher with a reputation for commanding huge amounts of traffic. Kinda quaint to have a press release about a new media advertising system. I suppose somebody reads them though. In relation to the question I asked before about the role of press releases after a company starts blogging, put down one tick mark on the “something issued after the discussion has been going on and a solid message has formed” side of the scorecard.

  • Infocard

    Last Mobile Monday Marc Canter came by to talk about identity systems, and in particular mentioned Infocard, an emerging something from Microsoft. Apparently an identity something. Kaliya has some notes up. I groove to everything that Marc said about what identity systems need to provide, how they should be open source based and open standards based, how they’re essential infrastructure, and how the systems should obey a core set of principles that has the interest of the user at heart. Nice I like it. And then he started talking about Infocard, because Infocard apparently provides all this stuff we want. This is the bit from Kaliya’s notes, and from what I remember she has it pretty well right:

  • Inflight 802.11 Service

    We ended up in business class instead of economy on the flight from Chicago to Stockholm on our way to the Mobile Monday Global Summit. It’s like heaven in here. Russ was really happy to have legroom (he just beat me to the punch with a post too!). I’m playing with all the controls for the seats pulling out the trays and the TV built into the arm of the chair, and the game controller (the games aren’t great actually, I got bored in like 2 minutes). And there are outlets in the seats! I’m so ecstatic I can hardly breathe. And then Russ says “Hey, isn’t SAS the one that has inflight 802.11 service?” And sure enough, the one thing we haven’t pulled out and played with yet is the stuff in the pockets in the back of the seats in front of us, holds the best surprise. SAS provides inflight 802.11 service. So I’m currently somewhere over Canada writing this, and connected to IM and downloading my mail. How much ass does that kick? It’s hard to quantify exactly, but it does so at about 193kbps. Of course overall ass kicking is a measure of speed x duration, so we’ll only be able to tell how much was kicked after we know how long it was kicked for.

  • Paul Graham and Geek Dinner

    We went out to hear Paul Graham speak last night and after that we gathered together some geeks to meet for dinner in Palo Alto. At first it was going to be a small group, we thought maybe 5 or 6 people. But by the time we actually sat down there were 15 people at the table. Il Fornaio worked out quite well for the gathering. The space they gave us was actually big enough for 15 people. I hate when you go somewhere with a big group and they give you a table that you can barely stand around shoulder to shoulder. They were open late. And it was pretty cheap. The bill split evenly came out to $17 per person, which isn’t much considering that most people had wine and there were a lot of entrees served. Some people had just desert or a cocktail, but still that’s pretty cheap for a group outing.

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