• HOPE Six Audio Online

    The full set of audio from the HOPE six conference is online now. The conf happened just before DEFCON and I hear it has some fantastic stuff that didn’t show up in Vegas. Download and share!

  • http_load for Request Replay

    The presentation that Rasmus gave at OSCON this year seems to have kicked some ass. I missed the conf, but got a bunch of interesting info from the slides. In particular I hadn’t used http_load before. Part of what I’ve been doing at AdMob is taking a look at performance and scaling, so that was a great find. It’s exactly the set of controls and measurements I normally start out with, and it really does run very efficiently in terms of not loading down the system that http_load is running on.

  • Linux Lappy

    It’s just about New Laptop Time. Not quite, but almost. Being a Linux only user it’s always an adventure trying to figure out what hardware to get. Hardware support has definitely gotten better under Linux, but figuring out what actually lives inside the system you’re thinking about picking up at deep discount from Office Max certainly has not. And I’m not a dual-booter either. I don’t have Windows to fall back on should something not work on my laptop. I take a scorched earth approach to Windows on my hardware, and generally wipe and repave the whole thing. Especially if it’s my personal laptop, which is what I plan for this to be.

  • ZeroOne San Jose Art Festival

    This week (August 7th to 13th 2006) is the ZeroOne Arts Festival in San Jose. There was a great presentation at Future Salon by one of the ZeroOne staff members where he tossed out a dizzying number of art projects that blend in technology in tantalizing ways. And if the interesting art projects weren’t enough to get you down there on their own, on Friday there’s a Survival Research Labs exhibition:

  • A Diet of Monkey Chow

    This is pure genius! I’m so disappointed I didn’t think of it first. A guy trying to live on a diet of pelletized monkey food. FANTASTIC! If it works and he doesn’t die I’m definitely doing it. If he does die… I give myself about a 50-50 chance of still trying it. I should start a run of packaging for the new Futurama style “Bachelor Chow” product just in case. I’ll probably have to wait a while to add flavor however.

  • A Quarter of a Million Spam Messages

    I’m at almost a quarter of a million spam messages (249,744 to be precise, by the time I post this it should be more than 250 thousand) caught by Akismet so far. I turned Akismet on in January of this year. That’s more than 50,000 spam messages a month. According to the Akismet site 92% of the comments it sees are spam.

  • The Web 2.0 Cease and Desist and Self Healing Systems

    I need to post a pointer to the story about CMP sending a conference a C&D; letter on behalf of O’Reilly. I’m sure Tim has nothing to do with it, and I’m sure it’ll go away without much fuss in the end, probably just being throwoff of the corporate machine and the result of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. And of course having lawyers involved, which always screws things up. But it is interesting that something like this would happen in relation to a company that has built its business on being ahead of the knowledge curve, and I would say doing it successfully.

  • George Bush Jr More Evil Than Cthulhu

    Wow, folks really hate this George Bush Jr. guy. You would think he roamed around in the streets killing puppies and kicking children or something. I check out the stats for all my Ning apps on a daily basis. Cause I’m vain, no sense in trying to justify it with anything else. And LesserEvil had a bunch of hits from Google image searches, searches for Georgie there. So I pull up his detail page and what do I see? “Cthulhu is less evil than George Bush Jr. 100% of the time.” Wow, that’s pretty evil. Or maybe it’s just interesting commentary on the mindset of folks in the “online and searching for random stuff cause I have that kind of time on my hands” segment of the population.

  • More Jerry Taylor

    Some additional info about the politician who incorrectly threatened CentOS with FBI action. Gotta love this:

  • High Availability NFS

    I’ve tried out the high availability NFS solution detailed here and run into a few issues. It does provide a great way to get a higher degree of availability for one of the most problematic bits of infrastructure, so I don’t mean to crap on the idea as a whole. But here are two issues to make sure you either check out or understand before you deploy something like this:

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