• Micro-content Lunch at Gnomedex

    We’re having a lunch BOF type gathering at Gnomedex today Oct 2nd, 2004. There is no plan. Join us if you’re into microcontent and want to geek out about it for a while.

  • Gnomedex Trackback

    I’ve been using Technorati to follow the Gnomedex comments, but that info seems to be pretty lagged. And Gnomedex has a submit info page but they some some stuff about making decisions to publish stuff. So I’m assuming that isn’t realtime either. So here’s a post to either leave pointers to your resources, or submit trackbacks. We have an IRC channel going on Freenode, channel #gnomedex. Here’s some of the stuff people in IRC have posted:

  • Maximizing Your Blogging Strategies

    The session actually wandered over a whole bunch of different areas. And it was good. They talked about how to provide more info to users, categorizations, enclosures and what they mean both technically and how it changes user practices, will video or audio blogging really change the medium. Ross popped in at a bunch of point with comments like “Sure, it’s hard to do, but it has user benefits. If it’s what the users would like, if it would deliver benefit we should be talking about it.” I spoke to Ross for a long time last night. It was excellent to hear from him both last night in person and to have his voice on the panel. Pick up this session and listen to it (IT Conversations).

  • Micro-content Dinner in San Fran

    Marc Canter has a Micro-content dinner planned for Oct 13th in San Francisco:

  • Freenode IRC

    I’m always on Freenode anyway, so I created a #gnomedex channel over on Freenode. Lockergnome has an IRC channel, but it’s not being used for the conf really. If you’re on freenode, hop on #gnomedex.

  • Gnomedex first panel

    Elle and I are over at Gnomedex in Tahoe. Absolutely beautiful out here. I would be happy to be here just on vacation, and having the conf is just a nice bonus. Last night was the welcome dinner, and I spent a bunch of time talking to Bill Flitter and Eric Rice, and I think we’re going to try to get together a bunch of people for a microcontent BOF at some point. During lunch or in the evening at some point. So if you’re interested in something of the sort either snag me directly and let me know (if you don’t know me already, there’s a picture up on Flickr, and I still look like that, except now I have short hair), or leave a comment here, or send an email.

  • Gnomedex

    So obviously I’ve been pretty busy, hardly any updates over the last month. It’s not just that I’ve had a whole bunch of random crap going on either, I’ve started a company! I’ve had the consulting business that I’ve been doing for a while, but this is a real entrepreneurial venture this time around. There certainly is a difference, although I’m sure that a year ago I hadn’t put enough thought into it to know what those differences would be. The main difference is that “good enough” isn’t good enough when you start an incorporated business. You need to start with figuring out how you figure out things so that later on when someone asks you there’s an answer for why things are the way they are. (Yes, it hurt as much to write that sentence as it does to read it). It means that something that would normally you would just slap together a working demo for is now going to take about an order of magnitude longer. And it’ll definitely be more frusterating in the short term. How frusterating seems to depend on how much you have to unlearn in order to successfully self evaluate. First you must forget all you know, or think you know. Eventually you realize that you are learning stuff along the way and you just reset your expectations. Kinda like sitting on a mountain and meditating on the meaning of life for a few dozen years until you get to step outside of time and let all the years you spent in ignorance and suffering recede into vagueness. In the business version they call this “the exit event” instead of enlightenment, but from what I can tell they’re exactly the same thing.

  • BAMF Meeting

    The September BAMF meeting is this weekend. Details:

  • An Infrastructure for the New Geography

    There’s a post over at Future Now with a pointer to a new paper titled Infrastructure for the New Geography (PDF). I think it does a great job of laying down some of the possible benefits of having geographic data available. Not just being able to include information about where a photo was taken when you upload it to your album, but having a general geographic search engine that operates in the way that Google or Yahoo do for text content. Sorry for the short post, but I didn’t want to let this one slip by, it’s definitely worth the time. Go read it. NOW! Git goin’.

  • BAMF WINKsite

    The Bay Area Mobility Forum has been going pretty well, but there hasn’t been all that much feedback or much ongoing discussion on the blog. So I setup a new WINKsite for it. For those who haven’t used it before, the Wireless Ink folks have a site where you can go and create your own website, with the major differentiator being that the site works via just about every mobile browser in a phone or PDA. They also have an emulator so that you can use the sites from a normal desktop browser. To launch the desktop version just click here and the site should come up in a popup. Alternatively you can enter in your wap/xhtml browser to bring up the site from a mobile device. Through the site you can get to the syndicated feed from the blog, syndicated version of other mobile related feeds, links to mobile sites, guestbook, post notes, and a chat area. I have no idea how it’ll work out. I figure that if most of you are interested in mobility, you normally have some kind of browser with you and you’re looking to use it. So maybe we can capture some of those extra minutes here and there and get some other online forms of communication going.

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