• I Don't Like My Coffee Shaking

    I think “choked down” would be an appropriate description for how I handled the last cup. And it was definitely shaking. I don’t like my coffee shaking. So I just setup cup 20 and then I’m taking a pause for at least a little while. We started at 5:30pm on Sunday. Will we make 100 cups by 5:30pm on Tuesday? It’s looking a little iffy. I remain optimistic however - the challenge will continue tomorrow.

  • It Has Begun!

    I mentioned the other day that I wanted to drink 100 cups of coffee in 48 hours. Diego was down with it. And we’ve been encouraged, insulted, applauded, and dismissed in Russ’s comments. It’s stupid, it’s pointless, it’s dangerous… so of course we just have to do it. The challenge has started!! 100 cups of coffee in 48 hours. Photos getting posted to FLickr as the madness unfolds. To those who encouraged us, thanks! To those who said it can’t be done.. maybe you’re right we’ll see. But we’re not afraid to try! To those who called us idiots, well, you folks may have a point. But we’ll be higly caffeinated idiots, so it’s all good.

  • 100 Cups of Coffee

    I started using 43Things finally, and one of my goals is to drink 100 cups of coffee. This is in homage to the Futurama episode where Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee and reaches some kind of enlightenment. Sure, it’s a cartoon and all, but it still looked like fun. And I think it’s important to have goals, no matter how inane they might be. Most people say something like “you know it is possible to overdose on caffeine?” or “that would probably kill you”. Generally discouraging remarks. But thanks to Wikipedia I think I might be looking at a plausible goal. Check out the caffeine entry:

  • Wordpress 2.0

    I just updated to WordPress 2.0 for this blog. Normally the next thing people say is “great, now update the templates!” You know what? No. I’m not even going to try this time.

  • ffmpeg Video Conversion Using Linux

    I fooled around with ffmpeg for a while trying to convert a few videos for use on my iPod Video, and managed to get something working after using using this description of video conversion. While the music download and video download were better than expected, this part is what one could call “unpolished”. I ended up needing to use the ffmpeg out of CVS, compiled locally against local compiled versions of libfaac and xvid. The important thing is, I got videos converted. Here’s the command line I used:

  • Transfering Videos to an iPod Under Linux

    Getting audio on to the iPod using Linux was a snap. Getting videos on took a bit more doing, but also worked out quite well. I’m listing the info here cause it took a little searching around to find it. This is the stuff you’ll need you probably don’t have:

  • Using a Video iPod Under Linux

    I was gifted a video iPod, my first real iPod device (I have a shuffle that I used for podcasts and occasionally a mix for running). I’m a Linux only user, and I’m accustomed to paying for the convenience in most areas with some pain when trying out new devices. Much to my surprize however, this one was a cinch. I Googled for Linux support for the video iPod (search results much polluted with info about Linux FOR the iPod), and found that gtkpod claimed support for video ipods. apt-cache search gtkpod under Ubuntu. apt-get install, cable, gtkpod, clicky clicky, and there are songs on my iPod. No pain. I wonder how long I’ll keep flinching for. Great job from the Linux/Open Source community, this was really a very much painless experience! Even more pleasant than the last Windows based install of iTunes I performed.

  • Livebadge on Ning

    Jon Aquino and Matt Webb have been working on some interesting stuff on Ning. They put together a relatively simple component system that generates dynamic images representing the state of Ning apps. Jon put it together for some of his apps, like Restaurant Reviews with Maps. I stole the stuff and added it to an app I’ve been working on called Palo Alto PSP Games. The result: if you setup a profile on PAPSP and add games, you’ll find a link on your profile page that takes you to cut and paste code you can drop into your blog template. And it’ll output an image like this linking to your profile and giving the number of games you have in the system:

  • Doug Engelbart at the Future Salon

    Doug Engelbart is going to be at the Future Salon on Nov 30th. He’s gotten some money to pursue the Large Scale Collective IQ project, and is going to be talking about what some of the first steps will be.

  • Lynn Takes Job at Juniper

    Following up again on the Ciscogate thread, Lynn now has a job at Juniper networks. Yay!!

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