• Video from Mobile Blogging Session

    Russ posted a video from the mobile blogging session at BloggerCon. Amazing how few updates are coming out of that session, at least according to the services I’m looking at…

  • Overload Comments

    These are some of the thoughts I’ve had in relation to the BloggerCon Overload session led by Robert Scoble. A lot of the discussion was focused at how to navigate the deluge of information that comes from being subscribed to a lot of blogs. Possible solutions raised were collaborative filtering and recommendation systems (such as the attention.xml effort), additional metadata, and filtering by intermediaries. There’s another parallel problem in how to deal with there being millions of blogs, and how do you pick the blogs to read. I think the latter problem is more general. How does the average user end up being able to include blogs in their reading habits? How do we structure a system for end users that doesn’t impose the same kind of intermediary or chanel delivery system that blogs are supposed to work around?

  • BloggerCon Wiki

    There’s now a wiki to go along with BloggerCon.

  • Pictures with Stories

    Scoble just brought up 10x10, which puts together news with images. They use some automated system to put them together, looks very interesting.

  • Links from BloggerCon

    Here are a few interesting links from BloggerCon. Earnings Cast casts financials reports in podcast format. RSS-Powered Personal TV Network is a collection of downloadable video content (fits in well with Ourmedia stuff, which is now open to the public). PodcastAds is a way to make money off Podcasting.

  • Collaborative Video Editing

    Kevin Marks posted a link to a post about collabrative video editing while talking in the BloggerCon IRC channel. Follows on pretty well from the post from the other day, which speculates about another dimension of public production.

  • BloggerCon Startup

    BloggerCon is under way this morning. I’m over at my apartment listening to the ITConversations cast instead of heading over to Stanford. I might wander over at some point, but this morning started with a mad dash to peice back together Elle’s blog from SQL dumps. Never fun. So I think I’m just going to sit here and drink coffee and watch what goes through in IRC for a while (#bloggercon on

  • BackchannelCon

    I’m having a little gathering at my place during and after BloggerCon. I sent out a bunch of invites, but I’ve also met a lot of people recently who I don’t have contact info for… If you’re in that group and you would like to stop by BackchannelCon, just let me know.

  • The World Outside

    I went over to the BayCHI presentation on Mobile Media Metadata last week. Fantastic stuff. Marc Davis from Garage Cinema Research spoke about the research they have going on. The presentation he gave focused mostly on mobile metadata. For now lets just talk about images. One of the points he made was that image classification systems tended to focus completely on the image itself. They look at a stream of bits and either attempt to determine the content of the image or attempt to fufill queries based entirely on those bits. But with the source of photo content increasingly being connected mobile devices, there’s potentially a much richer source of info than the bits themselves. The temporal and spatial information can potentially tell the system a lot more about an image than can be inferred from the image itself. Add in some social aspects, such as “what have others who have taken pictures in approximately this location used as the subject of their photos”, and the system can infer quite a bit.

  • CTIA and Mobility in General

    I was over at CTIA for a while the other day. I already wrote about the BAMF meeting that we had afterward, that kicked ass. But I really should write something of my own about CTIA. I was personally pretty disappointed. I forget who exactly said it, but someone at the BAMF meeting said “it was all about how to make the carriers even more money.” Yea, unfortunately, that is very accurate. It’s not that I expect everyone to have the same overall view of mobility as I have. But I would expect someone to be able to get some representation for the interesting new apps out there. The closest that I really saw were a couple of booths talking about interesting applications for location based services. For the most part the location based stuff was all the same normal pitch. “We have the largest point of interest database anywhere!” Yea, sure, but I bet most of the points I’m most highly interested in still aren’t in there.

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