• New Board Members for Wireless Ink

    I just met with Dave from Wireless Ink just a few days ago, so I admit I had a tip off to look for some interesting news from them. They’ve just announced that they’ve added Howard Rheingold and Adam Greenfield to their Advisory Board. I would be happy just to get a few minutes to talk to either of those guys. Adding people like this to the board is a strong move, and a hefty endorsement for Wireless Ink. Congratulations to the Wireless Ink team! I’ll be looking forward to seeing what the new year has in store.

  • PDA Friendly Web Sites

    There’s an article at about PDAPortal is a collection of sites with content formatted in a way that displays well on PDA screens. Very convenient. I’ll have to try using this portal to look for sites instead of using the scripts I was using to massage content into a format that looked decent in Plucker. These sites can either be used to suck up for offline viewing or read directly online. I’ve really had a hard time finding sites that I can view directly from my handheld, so this should be really cool.

  • Back Home

    I’m back in the Bay Area, just taking the train back from the San Jose airport. I had a good trip, and managed to pack in some interesting business activities around the family gatherings. I brought a new book and a few recommended readings back with me. I’ll have a plenty of new ideas to spout off about I’m sure. And there are some Vagablog changes which should be on the way as well.

  • Out of Town

    I’m going to be out of town till Tuesday some time, I think I forgot to mention that. I might post every once in a while, but in general it’ll probably be a few days before I really have a chance to comment. I’m visiting with some people while I’m out here, so hopefully I’ll have some juicy new info and be able to make a few interesting posts.

  • Opening up Commenting

    I had commenting turned off by default, but I’ve decided to turn it on for a while and see what happens. I had it off originally because there seem to be so many problems with blog spam. But there seem to be quite a few people reading now, and I haven’t been getting trackback links. So now you readers have the option of commenting directly. Especially those of you who use Vagablog, I would like to offer you a way to feedback on the changes and offer suggestions when I throw up mobile computing news articles. So, hopefully this will work out. I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully this will offer an opportunity for some of you to get to know each other directly.

  • Alpha Release of MySQL 5.0

    There’s an alpha release of MySQL 5.0 available. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I use MySQL quite a bit, so I’ll hop on this one pretty soon. This new release includes support for stored procedures, which is one of the commonly sighted shortfalls of MySQL according to business users. The companies I work with are normally very heavily pro-MySQL, although some do still use Oracle for special requirements. Hopefully this new release will cover some of those corner cases and allow MySQL to expand into even more areas.

  • Security Market Discussion at Stanford

    I just signed up for the Existing Opportunities in the Security Market event being held over at Stanford. The bullet list of topics for the discussion:

  • Year End Roundup at

    There’s an entry at linking together the 10 year end posts. I’ve been reading the info at textually and picturephoning on a regular basis, they have great coverage. This year end summary provides a great opportunity to spin through the top items of the year and review ones I was too busy to dig into the first time around. Thank you for the summary, and thank you for providing excellent news year round!

  • What is Blogging All About?

    There’s an Entry in Seth Finkelstein’s blog pondering why it is that people keep blogs. He mentions some of the common reasons in there, like exposure to a new audience if you’re running a business related blog, and the simple need to communicate which is fulfilled by a daily diary. I actually did a whole lot of thinking along these lines before I wrote the first version of Vagablog. I know a lot of reasons showed up once I started blogging that I didn’t expect at first. Maintaining my blog has actually helped me organize my thoughts and keep something of a schedule. It provides a great regime for me to stick to in processing the news I read and trying to fit the new content into my world view. It encourages some thoughtful introspection where before there was absolutely none.

  • Excellent Linux 2.6 Changes Summary

    There’s a great document titled The Wonderful World of Linux 2.6 that I just got finished reading over. An excellent summary of all the things to look for (and to look out for) in the new kernel release. I’ve been running the 2.6test series for a while and I’ve had good luck with it so far. Tonight I’m about to upgrade myself to the official 2.6 release. What I would really like to do is find the time to play around with the embedded Linux changes. At one point I did get Linux running on my girlfriends old Handspring, using the uCLinux port with the palm loader. And I dug around for a while and found the old version of xcopilot in the uCLinux repository and played with that. But I never had enough time to really get into learning about the uCLinux specific stuff. Now that the core kernel has options to support all of those changes, I really have to dedicate some time to learning about them.

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