• Early Discussion

    The early conversation around the Ning launch has been great. Checking out the ning tag at (429 people bookmarked the site as of this writing) or Technorati search for ning or Feedster search for ning turns up a whole bunch of posts. Here are some of the ones that call out the peices that I’m really jazzed about:

  • Unbagging The Cat

    We took the wraps off our secret project this evening. I didn’t want to post anything until we actually had information to make public for fear of attracting more negative attention. It’s been hard to keep quiet. It’s a fantastic team and we’ve all been fired up about what we’re doing. But it’s up now! I can show people and blather on about what we’ve been doing and gather feedback.

  • Heading to New York

    I’m heading out to my parent’s place on Long Island (Huntington) to attend my sister’s wedding. I’ll be back on Oct 3rd.

  • Tag Tuesday Tomorrow

    I’m planning to head up to the city tomorrow to meet up with some folks in town for CTIA San Francisco, and Niall pointed out that Tag Tuesday is tomorrow too. I haven’t been out and about all that much lately, so I’m hoping to catch up with a whole bunch of people. If you’re gonna be somewhere around Soma tomorrow in the evening give me a ring or send me a message.

  • Oral History of Silicon Valley

    I listened to John Markoff’s talk from the SDForum while I was wandering around, and decided that it was too good of a collection of references about Silicon Valley not to have my own pointers online. I’ll have to pick up the book also, sounds like it’ll be great. Meantime, here’s a set of pointers to stuff (people, places, things) that’s at least refferenced in the audio:

  • Firefox Security

    Slashdot has a post pointing to a ZDnet article comparing number of published expoits between Internet Explorer and Firefox. Numbers like this don’t really mean anything though. Comparing the number of PUBLISHED expoits found in an open source project to those found in a like proptietary project is like comparing the number of bullseyes you can throw in darts without and with a blindfold on. I would actually expect the Firefox numbers to be an order of magnatude higher than IE, given the amount of time that’s been poured into IE so far. Sure, Firefox builds on a common codebase that spans back over a long period, but the number of users that the recent versions have seen is much lower. Over time the Firefox browser will evolve much more quickly, receive much more testing as the userbase grows, and end up much more hardened in the long run. The honeymoon has just started.

  • Despamming

    I had a spam comment to this post that I just had to approve so that everyone could see it. I have no idea what to make of it. It’s either funny, or sad, or scary…. Maybe all three. Is the person really tired of their job and just fooling around? Is this the spammer equivalent of watching Strongbad while at work? Or is it an attempt to make the spam appear more valid? The link to a Yahoo profile is a nice touch. It provides a redirection for the links, the same way that the spam blogs on Blogger do. And it provides these traits:

  • Audio Commentary

    Russ pasted a link t o a description of watching The Simpsons with audio descriptions on. I really really wish those videos were retrievable right now. Apparently the person who uploaded them ran out of bandwidth. If someone can get a hold of them and create some torrents that would rock. The descriptions are hysterical and I bet actually watching the videos would have me rolling around on the floor.

  • New Coworker

    We added a new member to the team at work:

  • Search SIG

    The first meeting of the Search SIG from SDForum was last night. The new forum is run by Dave McClure and Jeff Clavier. They did a great job on this first event, and I’m really looking forward to our combined Search SIG and Mobile Monday event happening next month. I only seen one posting so far. After Niall and Kevin vying for attention during the announcements, I figured they would represent with a summary or something. Here’s mine.

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