• MoMo April Igor Jablokov

    Igor Jablokov presenting at Mobile Monday -

  • Off to New Orleans

    Elle and I are off to New Orleans for a few days. My cousin is getting married down there, and we’re extending the trip a bit to do some exploring. I feel sorry to be leaving the Feedster crew when there’s so much going on. But a promise is a promise, and I promised Elle a vacation in New Orleans. I could deal with a little bit of rest myself. New Orleans food is good on it’s own, but we’ve got the inside track on this one. My cousin the French chef is marrying a pastry chef. Everyone winks and nods when I tell them I’m going to a wedding between two chefs down in New Orleans. Makes sense that this would be something to behold. I’ll try to remember to take plenty of pictures.

  • ETech Podcast and Rock Podcast Posted

    A few days ago I posted about meeting Ewan at ETech. The podcast that he recorded during the ETech conf is up now. It even got noticed over at BoingBoing, which hopefully means great things for him! Ewan has also started doing the Rock show for The Podcast Network. My favorite track off the first edition? Falling as One by Rise to Addiction. I love to see RSS used for stuff like this, giving exposure to bands that really want it. Bands that are happy to release their recordings for free in order to gain an audience. It really helps to underscore the fact that protecting the existing recording companies and their contracts is NOT the only way to keep the music industry going. There are other models out there, there are artists not only willing to share, but actively looking for a chance to do so. Ewan is doing a great service by providing these bands a platform from which they can start evolving into the new medium, experimenting with a new way of finding their audience, and providing an introduction in both directions. Keep it coming Ewan!

  • The Line at the Metreon

    On my way into work this morning I passed by the Metreon. The Play Station Portable (PSP) goes on sale tomorrow, and the Metreon will be open at midnight to get the freshest first units into the greedy hands of eagerly awaiting gamers - some of whom were lining up at 11am this morning in perparation for the launch. They had a big PSP hung on the building across the street giving a countdown to the release, and PSP jacketed support staff out on the street.

  • Can I Get An Amen?

    Mike Masnick lays down some excellent comments about the role of patents in high tech overall. I completely agree, so I’m not going to blather on for too long about it. I’ll just say I agree with a lot of the principles. Protecting people who contribute innovation and keeping their work from getting ripped off - not a bad ideal. But that is not what the current system is doing, so it no longer deserves the respect it once had.

  • New Site - Feedhacks

    I setup a new site, Feedhacks to house a bunch of the projects that it looks like I’ll have coming up. I was going to wait a while to put it up, but I got an RSS inclusion plugin for WordPress working this weekend and wanted to post it. Release early, release often. Right? Hopefully I’ll be evolving and adding to the site over the new few weeks, but no promise on that schedule.

  • Ourmedia Launch

    I got a note from JD that Ourmedia is live today! The timing is great. There’s a lot of attention going into podcasting and videoblogging, and I think a free platform for sharable and reusable media could potentially help to shift the attention away from traditional broadcast and into the realm of peer-produced content. Elle and I both helped out on the metadata definition parts during the early stages as well as some early testing (I’m user number 7). The project is meant to provide a place for people to store the media they want to share with others. Some of the most compelling examples I heard were citizen jounalism and politcal ads. They have both video and audio content up, and if you sign up for an account you can upload your own. A lot of the ideas that Larry Lessig talks about in Free Culture really helped to drive my motivation in paying attention to and helping out with projects like this. Curious what those ideas are? Check out a free copy of Free Culture or one of the movies explaining the importance of having works out in public and available for reuse.

  • ETech Peeps

    Most people blog about the famous people they run into when they go to confs like ETech, so I’m gonna blog about some of the people you might not know who I ran into at the conference instead, and some of the kick ass stuff they’re working on.

  • Cyborg? Or Just Funky?

    Nick showed up today with some funky running shoes that adjust in the field. Being a geek I just had to take some pictures.

  • PhoneTags Music Bookmarking from a Handset

    I just read about PhoneTags that BBC has setup. It’s an app that allows you to “bookmark” a song from your mobile and then go tag and rate the song later on from a desktop. Although the tagging and rating are cool, what has me really jazzed is the interaction style. It’s a perfect example of the “situated computing” interaction style that I’ve been talking about. Because your mobile is always with you and always attached to the network, it’s a perfect way to mark a particular instance in time. Which the BBC is able to then map back to a particular track. And all the expect is a simple “X” single character text message to mark the spot, minimal amount of intrusion and effort at that particular instance. And you’re motivated to go back and check out what the name of that cool song was, at which point you can tag and rate it if you want. Sexy. I like this a lot.

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